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How can I craft a strong thesis for my essay supporting gay adoption?

I am for the suitable parents adopting children no matter what their sexual preference is.

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An effective argumentative essay depends in large part on having a solid body of evidence that the writer can use to support their position. Two components often considered regarding adoption are the legal and religious aspects. For both topics, there is a large amount of information available to provide the kinds of evidence that will strong support. Many people consider the matter primarily a child welfare issue, noting the large need for foster and adoptive families nationwide. Reviewing material from a variety of perspectives will generate material that can be refuted as well as supported in the essay’s argument.

The subject of discrimination against adoptive parents on the basis of sexual orientation has received considerable attention in recent years. In the United States, such laws are made on a state-by-state basis. Some states have laws specifically allowing or prohibiting LGBT parents fostering or adopting children, but more than forty do not. There has been considerable activism toward standardizing legislation at the national level, even proposals for a constitutional amendment.

The situation is complicated because numerous adoption agencies are “faith-based” and have strongly campaigned on the grounds of freedom of religion against requiring placement of children with LGBT families.

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I think that people should actually write the rest of their essay first, because they will then have a better idea of exactly what they want to say in their introduction/thesis statement.  It helps to know what your arguments will be before you write your thesis.

From what you tell us, I think that you should say something like this:

Although many people are opposed to gay people adopting children, there is no rational basis for preventing same sex couples from adopting.  The main focus of any adoption law should be the good of the child who is being adopted.  Children will be best served if they are raised by suitable parents of whatever sex.  Therefore, laws should make it possible for couples of whatever sex to adopt if they will make good parents.


I think that this would do a pretty good job of introducing what I assume you are going to be saying in your essay.

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