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How can I rewrite a fairy tale as a news report using the 5 Ws?

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This is a fairly common style of assignment and it makes you aware of the difference between the oral-traditional style of fairy tales and the hyperliterate style of news reporting. For your rewrite, you will not be able to use any of the actual words from the fairy tale, or even much of the narrative structure. You may also need to add details. For example, most fairy tales are set in mythic time and place, e.g. "a very long time ago" or "a distant kingdom", and so you may need to invent "where" and "when". For "who", you may need to create names for the characters if they do not actually have names in the story. The "why" and "how" are normally present. You also need to change the structure of the story from narrative, following the events in the order they happened, to an inverted pyramid, moving from most important to least important.

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