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How would you write a persuasive essay supporting pro-choice?

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A pro-choice essay should include several factors supporting decisions to terminate a pregnancy. Pro-choice proponents often point to the cost to society of bringing children into the world in situations where a parent would not be able to care for a child.

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There are many possible approaches to writing a persuasive essay supporting a pro-choice stance. Pro-choice proponents point to a number of factors that go into the decision to terminate a pregnancy, including marital status, economic status, what stage the woman is in in her life, expected parental support from the partner, social and cultural norms, religion, and possibly the stigma of carrying to term on an unwanted pregnancy.

Other considerations include the burden to taxpayers of healthcare to see an unwanted pregnancy to term and the social burden of bringing an unwanted child into the world. There are almost always ethical and religious factors to consider, as well. Moreover, if the pregnancy is the result of non-consensual sex, this is an important factor in the consideration to end it, as well. The essay should probably touch upon several of these factors. For instance, in terms of how marital status might impact the decision to terminate a pregnancy, the decision may be made either exclusively by the woman or be considered by the couple, as it will impact their lives and their family planning.

There are also health factors to consider. For instance, until the landmark 1973 US Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion, about one-sixth of all pregnancy-related deaths were attributed to illegal abortions. Once women had access to legal abortions, abortion-related mortality dropped significantly.

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