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Can you write a paragraph about alternatives to abortion?

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I think that the largest and most dominant alternative to abortion would be giving the child up for adoption following the delivery.  Outside of the other option which is to have the child and raise the child as one's own, allowing the child to be adopted might be the most persuasive alternative to abortion.  Naturally, one of the elements that has to be conveyed in a paper or writing sample like this is the level of excruciating difficulty to make any choice in this situation.  I doubt that any decision can be taken with ease and a sense of lightness.  There is a gravity associated with all decisions being undertaken by individuals in such a predicament.  Adoption might be one such decision, representing an alternative to seeking an abortion.

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The purpose of a paragraph is to simply express an idea. You already know what your subject is so this should be fairly simple.

Your paragraph will consist of three parts. The topic sentence, the paragraph body, and the concluding sentence. The purpose of the topic sentence is to introduce your paragraph. Here you will express to the reader that there are alternatives to abortion. The purpose of the the body is to share with the reader the alternatives of abortion. The concluding sentence will simply wrap up the paragraph. You do not necessarily have to share your opinion unless you are trying to persuade the reader but this is usually done in the form of a paper and not one paragraph.


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Are you trying to persuade someone to take one of the alternatives, or are you just saying what the alternatives are?  Depending on which one you are doing, your paragraph will need to be different.  There are, as far as I can tell, only three alternatives to abortion.

First, don't get pregnant in the first place.  This could be accomplished either by abstinence or by contraceptives.

Second, carry the baby to term and keep it and raise it yourself (or with help from family members).

Third, carry the baby to term and then put it up for adoption.  As I understand it, potential adoptive parents will often help pay for the birth mother's expenses.

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