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Esquire Ultimate Fitness

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The editors of Esquire Magazine, with the assistance of more than fifteen writers, have written a book that skillfully presents a personal fitness program. Each of the ten keys to high-level health and athletic performance is discussed in a chapter format. There is an introductory section which explains the basic concept and provides interesting factual information. This is followed by a fitness clinic which provides information to guide the reader in incorporating the particular fitness component being examined into a comprehensive fitness program.

The first key, life skills, includes a self-test to evaluate a person’s current fitness status. This is followed by a look at aerobics, strength, flexibility, and balance in a personalized exercise program. Coordination, relaxation, and concentration are viewed in a holistic manner for total fitness. The value of competition as opposed to putting all the emphasis on winning is a thought-provoking key. Nutrition is the final key and, although containing worthwhile information, this section provides only a six-page coverage of a topic that demands fuller treatment.

The second part of the book presents an aerobics program. Included are warm-up and cool-down activities, aerobic movements, calisthenic exercises, and routines with weights. There are excellent photographs and easy-to-follow descriptions for each facet of the aerobic program.

This book is expertly based on the wellness concept. Comfortably mingling Eastern philosophy with Western theories, it has much to offer the person who is interested in a fitness program that includes the mind, the body, mind even the soul.