Form and Content

(Survey of Young Adult Fiction)

Escape to Witch Mountain is a fast-paced science-fiction novel filled with adventure. Except for the final section of the final chapter, the story is told in the third person but through Tony’s point of view. The reader sees the events through Tony’s eyes and is privy to his thoughts. The short chapters are subdivided into sections, and each chapter ends with some type of cliffhanger statement to keep the reader moving through the book. By doing so, Alexander Key keeps up the pace and suspense through the story. The novel, as first published, is also accompanied by line drawings by Leon B. Wisdom, Jr.

The story begins with Tony and Tia being sent to Hackett House after the woman with whom they have been living, Granny Malone, dies after an accident. Hackett House is a home for problem children, and Tony and Tia must carve out their place there. Neither of them is happy, for both have strange abilities that keep them apart from other children: Tony has psychic powers, and Tia can unlock doors and contact animals with her mind. In addition, Tia can communicate only with Tony, which makes things even more difficult. The two children want to find out where they have come from, and their only clue is the Star Box, a box with twin stars on it that Tia has always had with her.

The two siblings receive a clue about the box from a nun, but she dies before sending them any information. Then, Lucas Deranian arrives at the orphanage, claiming...

(The entire section is 445 words.)