Escape the Morning by Poul Anderson

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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

1. Why does Mark dislike Kamolondo talking about exploiting the moon for his country?

2. Kamolondo is surprised to find teenagers living without adults in a station on the moon. Would this surprise you? Why should teenagers not be allowed to live without older people on the moon? Why should they be allowed to do so?

3. What adult qualities does Mark have? How has he developed these qualities?

4. Why is it important that Tom not complain about Mark's giving him orders? Why is it important that he obey the orders?

5. Why would Anderson include Judy in the story? What purpose does she serve?

6. Why is Mark not eager to accept Kamolondo's offer to go to Earth and study at the best schools? He wants to earn a degree in engineering, does he not?

7. Why would people go to the moon to live when there are many unpredictable ways for experiences on the moon to kill them?

8. "Escape the Morning" was first published in the Boy Scouts magazine Boys' Life. How might considerations for the magazine's audience have shaped how Anderson told his story?