Erich von Stroheim Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)


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Contains articles on Stroheim's life and film career by various contributors, including Stroheim's own introduction to The Merry Widow and an essay on his cinemagraphic style.

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Detailed examination of each of the films that Stroheim directed in light of "his great contribution to cinema: his ability to marshal the resources of mass production in the service of a single artistic vision."

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Chronicles the shooting of Queen Kelly, abandoned in 1928 but completed and restored from rare footage in 1985.

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Recounts the filming history of Walking Down Broadway.

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Overview of Stroheim's career as a film director.

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Includes a selection of quotes and stories told by Stroheim and a transcript of his introductory remarks to The Merry Widow.

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Anecdotal survey of Stroheim's film career to his role in Sunset Boulevard.

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Contains a synopsis, cast list, and credits for each of the films that Stroheim directed.

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Analysis of expressionistic imagery in Stroheim's great realistic film Greed.