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Robert Molyneux

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

The irrepressible von Däniken is back with more evidence of ancient astronauts. He's a curious writer: others have treated the subject better and more intelligently, many before him; his books aren't even particularly well written. But von Däniken does have a disarming ability to ask penetrating questions, and most of the current popular interest in this area can be traced to him. [The Gold of the Gods] is in many ways his weakest, though he does present some information which may prove (or disprove) what he has been saying all along. He discusses a huge South American tunnel system which he claims was used by the "gods" when they first arrived here—von Däniken even tells us how to find the tunnels. There are also a number of photos of gold artifacts purportedly made by the "gods" or their successors. If all this is investigated—as it should be—we'll know how credible his theories really are.

Robert Molyneux, in a review of "The Gold of the Gods," in Library Journal, Vol. 99, No. 2, January 15, 1974, p. 144.