Erich von Däniken Jack W. Weigel

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Jack W. Weigel

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[In Chariots of the Gods? Von Däniken] pursues two lines of argument: first, many reputable scientists believe there are probably a number of different sites in the universe where intelligent life has arisen; second, shreds of quotations from ancient texts and modern archaeology prove human development took a sudden leap forward several millennia before Christ. He shrugs off the more mundane interpretations of the data which are favored by archaeologists as being obviouly ridiculous. His "proofs" are essentially circular; he cites many remarkable achievements of ancient civilization, but insists they only serve to confirm his theory, since they couldn't possibly have been accomplished by mere ancient humans…. Unless a … furor should arise over Von Däniken's book, there is little reason for any library to invest in it.

Jack W. Weigel, in a review of "Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past," in Library Journal, Vol. 95, No. 3, February 1, 1970, pp. 492-93.