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(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[In Search of Ancient Gods] is another rehash of [von Däniken's] theme with plenty of pictures. The photographs do present genuine archaeological mysteries, but what this amateur makes of them is incredible. Unfettered by the logical constraints imposed upon a scientific theory, von Däniken freely mixes non-sequiturs and circular arguments in a transparent appeal for sympathy, asking the lay reader to have faith in one whom the scientists scorn. The rambling, choppily written text is a string of sentences with no chapters, table of contents, or index. The bibliography is a pretentious token of scholarship. Perhaps as romance this stuff is good escape literature, but once is enough.

A review of "In Search of Ancient Gods: My Pictorial Evidence for the Impossible," in Choice, Vol. 11, No. 12, February, 1975, p. 1792.