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(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Certain adherents of the Christian religion and readers who demand that a book develop a single, consistent thesis will be turned off by von Däniken's sprawling effort [Miracles of the Gods]. His declared subject is "visions," yet in building a case for the autogenesis of healing miracles and visions, von Däniken dismisses much that he observed at Lourdes as manipulative hoax, then reverses himself to say that visions emanate either from the conscious residual energies of the dead or from extraterrestrial beings. No doubt the popularity of his Chariots of the Gods? will generate sufficient interest in this production. (pp. 1219-20)

A review of "Miracles of the Gods: A New Look at the Supernatural," in The Booklist, Vol. 72, No. 17, May 1, 1976, pp. 1219-20.