(Critical Survey of Literature for Students)

Higgs, a young man of twenty-two years, works on a sheep farm. From the plains, he looks often at the seemingly impassable mountain range that forms the edge of the sheep country and wonders about the land beyond those towering peaks. He learns from an old native named Chowbok that it is forbidden to visit that land. Chowbok assumes a strange pose when questioned further and utters unearthly cries. Curious, Higgs persuades Chowbok to go on a trip with him into the mountains.

They are unable to find a pass through the mountains. One day, Higgs comes upon a small valley and goes up it alone. He finds that it leads through the mountains. When he goes back to get Chowbok, he sees the old native fleeing toward the plains. He goes on alone. After climbing down treacherous cliffs and crossing a river on a reed raft, he finally comes to beautiful rolling plains. He passes by some strange manlike statues, which make terrifying noises as the wind circles about them. He recognizes in them the reason for Chowbok’s performance.

Higgs awakens next morning to see two girls herding a flock of goats about him. When the girls see him, they run and bring some men to look at him. All of them are physically handsome. Convinced at last that Higgs is a human being, they take him to a small town close by. There his clothing is searched, and a watch he has with him is confiscated. The men seem to be especially interested in his health, and he is allowed to leave only after a strict medical examination. He wonders why there was such confusion over his watch until he is shown a museum in which is kept old pieces of machinery. Finally, he is put in jail.

In jail, he learns the language and some of the strange customs of the country, which is called Erewhon. The oddest custom is to consider disease a crime; anyone who is sick is tried and put in jail. On the other hand, people who commit robbery or murder are treated sympathetically and given hospital care. Shortly afterward, the jailor informs Higgs that he is summoned to appear before the king and queen and that he is to be the guest of a man named Nosnibor. Nosnibor embezzled a large sum of money from a poor widow, but he is now recovering from his illness. The widow, Higgs learns, will be tried and sentenced for allowing herself to be imposed upon.

In the...

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