Critical Evaluation

(Critical Survey of Literature for Students)

Erec and Enide is the first of a collection of metrical romances by Chrétien de Troyes, a master tale teller of the medieval period about whom very little is otherwise known. The poem is the oldest romance on Arthurian materials extant in any language. It has sometimes been called the first novel because of its consistent plot. Written in eight-syllable rhyming couplets, the story provides the most idealized expression of the code of chivalry by a single writer of medieval times.

Like the author’s Yvain (c. 1170), Erec and Enide deals among other things with the conflict between and the attempt to reconcile knightly and marital responsibilities. Apparently Chrétien himself thought much of the work: In the romance’s first paragraph he states that “now I shall begin the tale which will be remembered so long as Christendom endures. This is Chrétien’s boast.”

His scarcely modest claim was well founded, for this romance of Arthurian England in the sixth century has outlived myriad other medieval romances. The poem offers various and contrasting riches, including a mélange of real and unreal incidents, exact and exaggerated statistics, logical and implausible motivation, and wildly supernatural events in close juxtaposition with homely, concrete ones. From this often unlikely material, Chrétien devised a well-constructed plot. Moreover, the author, in welding his diverse and sometimes incongruous elements together, had a serious purpose, for he was interested in problems of individual conscience and in the choices individuals had to make in the face of conflicting loyalties and personal emotions. Chrétien was intrigued with how humans solve these problems as members of a social group. All the usual and contrived situations of medieval romance served Chrétien as a means of setting forth these problems and providing complicated webs to entrap the protagonists.

Although Erec, a king’s son, married the daughter of a poor vavasor, or country squire, Chrétien takes care to make them equal in beauty and breeding. However, when because of excessive love of his wife, reports circulate that Erec has...

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