Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)


Erec (eh-REHK), a fair and brave knight of the Round Table. In a town where he is lodging, he meets his host’s daughter, the beautiful damsel Enide. He returns with her to King Arthur’s court and makes her his bride. So enamored is he of the fair lady that he neglects all knightly pursuits in favor of dalliance with her. When the report reaches him that the people think him a coward, he sets out with Enide on a journey of knight-errantry during which he bears himself with such bravery that he returns to King Arthur’s court with honor. On his father’s death, he becomes king of his own land.


Enide (eh-NEED), the most beautiful damsel in Christendom, Erec’s bride. After she hears reports that Erec’s dalliance with her has caused him to be suspected of cowardice, she taunts him about the change that love has made in him. When he angrily sets forth on a journey to prove his valor and her love, she accompanies him, bravely shares his adventures, and returns triumphant with him to King Arthur’s court.

Guivret the Little

Guivret the Little (gweev-REHT), a knight who challenges Erec to combat and, after a brave fight on both sides, becomes his friend and benefactor.

Count Galoin

Count Galoin (gah-LWAN), a nobleman so smitten by Enide’s beauty that he desires to make her mistress of all his lands. His plot to take Erec’s life is thwarted by Enide; the defeated count gallantly praises the lady’s prudence and virtue.


Evrain (ehv-RAYN), a king whose land is delivered from thralldom by Erec.

King Arthur

King Arthur, the leader of the Round Table.


Guinevere (gwehn-eh-VEER), his queen.

King Lac

King Lac, Erec’s father.

Sir Gawain

Sir Gawain (gah-WAYN) and

Sir Kay

Sir Kay, knights of the Round Table.


Yder (ee-DUR), a haughty knight challenged and defeated by Erec.

Cadoc of Tabriol

Cadoc of Tabriol (kah-DOHK), a knight rescued from giants by Erec.