Erec and Enide Summary
by Chrétien de Troyes

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Erec and Enide Summary

The story of Erec and Enide is the first of five romantic poems that detail the adventures of a knight named Erec and his wife, Enide. Erec is a knight and prince that fights in King Arthur's court but intends to retire to spend time with his newly-betrothed wife. However, the court sees his departure from knighthood as dishonorable, causing Erec to embark on a series of adventures to restore his honor. In addition, Enide partakes in the mockery, believing his love for her compromises his knighthood.

To prove his valor, Erec fights thieves and giants throughout his journey, with Enide following him. Along the way, he treats her badly for doubting his strength and courage. Erec must rescue Enide when a robber baron kidnaps her. They eventually return home, but Erec's father, King Lac, has died. Erec and Enide become king and queen of the realm.