Erasmus Darwin Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

A System of Vegetables, According to Their Classes, Orders, Genera, Species with Their Characters and Differences [translator of Systema Vegetahilium by the Elder Linnaeus] (scientific catalogue) 2 vols. 1783-85

The Families of Plants, with Their Natural Characters, According to the Number, Figure, Situation, and Proportion of All the Parts of Fructification [translator of Genera Plantarum and Mantissae Plantarum by the Elder Linnaeus and Supplementum Plantarum by the Younger Linnaeus] (scientific catalogue) 2 vols. 1787

*The Loves of the Plants (poetry) 1789

The Botanic Garden: A Poem in Two Parts; Part I: The Economy of Vegetation; Part II: The Loves of the Plants (poetry) 1791

Zoonomia; or, The Laws of Organic Life 3 vols. (treatise) 1794-96

A Plan for the Conduct of Female Education in Boarding Schools (treatise) 1797

Phytologia; or, The Philosophy of Agriculture and Gardening (treatise) 1800

The Temple of Nature; or, The Origin of Society: A Poem, With Philosophical Notes (poetry) 1803

The Letters of Erasmus Darwin (letters) 1981

*The Loves of the Plants was originally published anonymously.