Epilogue Of Asolando "Greet The Unseen With A Cheer!"
by Robert Browning

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"Greet The Unseen With A Cheer!"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: This is the concluding poem in the last volume of Browning's poetry published during his lifetime, and was written shortly before his death. It is a protest to his friends not to feel sorrow at his passing and not to pity him, for pity, he says, will be as inappropriate to him after death as it was during his lifetime. He asks them: "Like the aimless, helpless, hopeless, did I drivel . . .?" No–he always faced life squarely and hopefully. When they think of him, they should not mourn, but should greet his remembered self and wish him well in the other world as they had in this.

. . . at noonday in the bustle of man's work-time
Greet the unseen with a cheer!
Bid him forward, breast and back as either should be,
"Strive and thrive!" cry "Speed,–fight on, fare ever
There as here!"