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"The Eolian Harp" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge is a poem about the beauty of romantic love. The Eolian harp creates beautiful, melodic music, and Coleridge likens his love for a woman with the music of the harp.

He embraces the idea that he is a better man and more devoted husband because of his love and devotion to God and his understanding of his divine presence. Throughout the poem, Coleridge uses nature imagery and the imagery of the harp to discuss his feelings about love, marriage, and sexual union. He creates a sort of extended metaphor, likening himself to the harp and the music it makes to the breath of God. He connects images of nature with love and marriage, but he also highlights a series of conflicting ideas that characterize his feelings about his love for a woman as a battle between chaos and order, propriety and wild abandon. However, he reconciles these inconsistencies by affirming his faith in God and, by extension, his devoted love for a woman.

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