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What daily actions can you take to reduce waste?

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There are many things a person could do to produce less waste. One thing would be to avoid using disposable products. Instead of using paper plates and paper cups, people could use dishes and silverware that can be washed and reused.

There are other things people could do. People could conserve water by not running water while they are shaving or brushing their teeth. They can install water-restricting devices that reduce the flow of water. People could use recyclable materials such as glass and aluminum containers. People could avoid using products that end up in landfills. For example, they could avoid using Styrofoam. This would reduce the amount of waste they produce.

People could cut down on their use of electricity. Setting the thermostat higher in the summer and lower in the winter would use less energy. People could walk to places when possible instead of driving to these places. They could use bicycles to get from place to place when possible. People could also use mass transit instead of using their cars. People could buy energy-efficient cars and appliances.

There are many things people could do to produce less waste.

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There are many things that you could do.  Among them would be such things as:

  • Eating fewer packaged foods.  Foods made from scratch have less packaging than pre-made foods.
  • Recycling things that you do need to use.  Tin cans and plastic bottles and such can generally be recycled.  
  • Donating things to charity.  When you are no longer using things like toys or clothes, don't throw them away.  Instead, give them to charity.
  • Use less electricity.  You don't actually see the waste from this, but electricity use typically causes things like pollution that are a form of waste.

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