The themes of Ender's Game are related to its social concerns: the danger of military control, the need for ethical training, and the danger of computers used without regard for humane considerations. The military in Ender's Game sees its mission as literally saving Earth from an insectoid alien race called the "buggers." Military strategists create hysteria, resulting in a mostly united Earth as previously antagonistic countries ally themselves to prepare to fight the perceived threat. Thus the military, an alliance of the super powers and their minions, gains control over the Earth while maintaining the facade of civil government. Even though the upper echelon knows that the previous bugger expedition was exploratory rather than aggressive and that the buggers are no longer a threat to Earth, they nonetheless plan the utter annihilation of the race. In doing so they ensure their continued power. Even after the buggers are wiped out, the military plans to remain in power as the heroic saviors of the planet, but the military leadership has no sense of ethics; they want to win and hold on to their power at all costs.

Ender and his siblings are perfect tools of such men. Because of their parents' decision to foreswear their religion, the Wiggins children are deprived of religious and ethical training. Because of their inexperience and naivete, Ender and Valentine believe the military leaders and do as they are told without question. From the...

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