How does the computer game change in Ender's Game after Ender defeats the giant?

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By beating the giant, Ender has gained access into fairyland, which he begins to explore in Chapter Seven of this great novel. He goes around the back fo the giant's corpse and follows the brook upstream to where it comes out of the forest. There, he finds a playground  with children playing. Ender finds that he has become a child in the game, although normally he the computer game gives him an adult figure. As he begins to play on the playground, he finds that nothing can hold him. When he tries to go down the slide, for example, he falls through it and hits the floor. When these things happen to Ender, the other children laugh at him cruelly. He leaves the playground and walks along a path into the forest, where he finds a clearing with a well in the middle, and a sign saying "Drink, Traveller." As Ender looks into the well, wolves come who are the transformed children of the playground and eat Ender alive:

Out of the woods emerged a dozen slavering wolves with human faces. Ender recognised them--they were the children from teh playground. Only now their teeth could tear; Ender, weaponless, was quickly devoured.

Ender finds that he needs to trick the children, taking them with him on the playground so that they fall. When they fall, they die, and he puts their bodies in the brook so they can't revive. This is how Ender gains access to "The End of the World."

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