Ender's Game - Lesson Plans and Activities

Orson Scott Card

  • Ender's Game eNotes Essential Lessons

    Each of the following lessons is geared to a specific skill category and Common Core standard. It includes a step-by-step guide to teaching the lesson as well as handouts, assessments, modification, and enrichment activities. The lessons follow the chronology of the story of Ender's Game. Lesson 1: Selecting a leader Lesson 2: Technology and writing Lesson 3: Characterization of Peter and Valentine Lesson 4: Manipulative characters Lesson 5: Foreshadowing Lesson 6: Ender’s isolation Lesson 7: Letter home from Battle School Lesson 8: How are the teaching styles of Bonzo and Rose the Nose different? Lesson 9: What is a pseudonym? Lesson 10: Understanding allusions to Locke and Demothenes Lesson 11: Examining writing style Lesson 12: Music connection Lesson 13: “Othering” Lesson 14: Examining characters Lesson 15: Ender’s leadership qualities Lesson 16: Changing relationships Lesson 17: Final seminar discussion

  • Ender's Game eNotes Response Journal

    At the beginning of each chapter, unidentified characters talk about someone they believe will save the world. Whom do you think they are discussing? Which clues make you think this? Who do you think is doing the talking? Even if you’re not sure, make your best guess. What is a “Third,” and why is it uncomfortable for Ender to be one? Imagine what caused the society in the novel to make strict rules about the number of children each family can have, and explain why the rules might have been invented. Explain why you think Ender had to wear a monitor in his neck for three years. What will change about his life now that the monitor is gone?