Ender's Game Chapter 15 Summary
by Orson Scott Card

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Chapter 15 Summary

Main Narrative

Graff sits with Anderson by the lake Ender once visited. Graff has been on trial for the way he treated his students in preparation for the war. He was acquitted, and now he has no plans for the rest of his life.

Ender remains on Eros, marooned there by politicians who feel his political influence would be dangerous on Earth. He helps with efforts to prepare massive groups of human colonists to embark for the now-empty bugger worlds. One by one, Ender’s friends leave, and he is alone again.

One day Ender is surprised to find Valentine waiting for him. She has decided to immigrate to the bugger worlds, and she wants Ender to come along. Peter, she says, is now a statesman and a major figure of power on Earth. Valentine is most responsible for preventing Ender from going back; she wanted to protect Ender from Peter’s manipulation. Before leaving Earth, Valentine used her personality as Demosthenes to win Ender a position of power. If Ender chooses, he can be governor of the first new colony.

At first, Ender rejects the idea of becoming governor, but his natural capacity for leadership emerges. The colonists love and trust him, and he leads them in their new life. In spite of his responsibilities, he is most interested in learning the history of the buggers. He looks everywhere for clues about who the buggers were and how they lived.

After many years have passed, Ender gets word that another group of people wants to settle on his new world. He takes an eleven-year-old friend to scout out suitable locations. The two of them find a monument the buggers built to Ender. It is a replica of scenes Ender remembers from the mind game back at Battle School: the rotting corpse of the Giant, the playground in Fairyland, and the tower at the End of the World. In the tower, behind the mirror, Ender finds a pupa waiting to grow into a new queen bugger.

The pupa communicates with Ender’s mind, showing him the history of the buggers. The buggers had hoped the humans would forgive their original invasions of Earth. When the human ships came to destroy them,...

(The entire section is 565 words.)