Emma Overview Quiz

Who's who in Jane Austen's lively novel? Figure out the many misunderstandings and social secrets of this regency favorite with eNotes' Emma Overview Quiz.

  1. What does Emma conclude after eavesdropping several times on conversations between Harriet and Mr. Elton?

  2. What surprising news do Miss Bates and Jane Fairfax deliver?

  3. How does Harriet respond when she is told Mr. Elton's affections are directed at Emma and not herself?

  4. Who is Miss Taylor to Emma?

  5. What skill does Emma believe she possesses?

  6. Whose marriage proposal does Emma insist Harriet decline?

  7. What does Emma do for Harriet in order to impress Mr. Elton?

  8. Why does Emma hold a grudge against Jane Fairfax?

  9. Why did Miss Taylor leave?

  10. Why did Mrs. Churchill disinherit her sister?

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