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Chapters 6-8 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What stands out about Emma’s portfolio of paintings?

2. From this, what is revealed about Emma?

3. What decisions are made about Harriet’s portrait?

4. Why doesn’t Mr. Woodhouse want the background to be out of doors?

5. What convinces Emma that Mr. Elton must be in love with Harriet?

6. How does Emma downplay the letter Mr. Martin sends Harriet?

7. How does Harriet react to Emma’s manipulating her emotions toward Mr. Martin?

8. What small compliment does Mr. Knightley offer Emma?

9. What does Mr. Knightley think of Mr. Martin?

10. Why is Mr. Knightley confident that Mr. Elton will not choose Harriet?

1. Though full of numerous portraits of friends and family, not one of them had been finished.

2. Emma had attempted both art and music and showed spirit and talent for both, but she lacks discipline.

3. Though she’s never finished a portrait, Emma announces that this one will be a watercolor and have a place of honor over the mantelpiece.

4. He thinks it will make the viewer uneasy that she might catch cold.

5. Though he seems too...

(The entire section is 366 words.)