Emma Chapters 53-55 Questions and Answers

Jane Austen

Chapters 53-55 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Emma say she can never call Mr. Knightley “George”?

2. Why does Emma have such a hard time persuading her father to give his consent to her marriage?

3. How long do Mr. Knightley and Emma think it will be before the news is all over Highbury?

4. Why do the Eltons respond to the match between Mr. Knightley and Emma as they do?

5. Why does Emma lean into her workbasket to conceal her face when Mr. Knightley tells her that Harriet accepted Mr. Martin’s proposal?

6. Why isn’t Mr. Knightley surprised at Harriet’s agreeing to marry Robert Martin?

7. Why does Emma forgive Frank so readily?

8. How does Frank show...

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