Emma Chapters 50-52 Questions and Answers
by Jane Austen

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Chapters 50-52 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Emma say of her father, “Could he have seen the heart, he would have cared very little for the lungs?”

2. Why doesn’t Emma want to read the letter from Frank Churchill?

3. What fact comes to light about Jane Fairfax from the letter?

4. What does Frank think about the Eltons?

5. What does Mr. Knightley think of Frank’s reference to Emma?

6. Why does this make Emma blush?

7. What are Mr. Knightley’s final thoughts on Frank Churchill?

8. Why was Isabella Knightley eager to have Harriet visit?

9. Why is Mrs. Elton so happy when Emma comes to visit Jane?

10. How soon does Jane expect to marry Frank?

1. Mr. Woodhouse is oblivious to the feelings between his daughter and Mr. Knightley. When Mr. Knightley comes in, Mr. Woodhouse worries his friend might have caught cold, but fails to see the love between them.

2. Emma has gone from being attracted to Frank to deploring him to forgiving him. She now understands better what he did for love, because she has done a few things herself. Now that she has a love life of her own, his current state doesn’t interest her.

3. Jane Fairfax swallowed her pride and denied her nature when she went along with Frank’s plan for a secret engagement. But she did not go quietly. She could not sit by and watch Frank seem to care for Emma when she knew otherwise. The deception made her ill.

4. Waiting for Frank to come out with the truth not only made Jane ill, it made her take action. She wrote to accept the governess job Mrs. Elton had pushed her into taking and wrote to Frank to dissolve the engagement.

5. In the letter, Frank wrote that he thought Emma was close to guessing his secret. Mr. Knightley thinks this is Frank’s fancy and a self-serving one. Mr. Knightley knows Emma very well. She was nowhere near guessing Frank’s secret.

6. Mr. Knightley uses Frank’s intrigue...

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