Emma Chapters 40-42 Questions and Answers

Jane Austen

Chapters 40-42 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why was Emma ashamed at the sight of the court plaister?

2. Why does Emma think Harriet shouldn’t throw out both mementos?

3. Why is the name of the someone Emma and Harriet speak of never mentioned?

4. Why does Frank say he dreamed about Mr. Perry’s new carriage?

5. What does Miss Bates reveal in her monologue?

6. What was the first word that Frank scrambled?

7. How does Jane stop the game?

8. Why is Emma eager to go to Box Hill before the party takes place there?

9. Why does Emma say Frank will never go to Switzerland?

10. How does Emma reply to Frank’s complaint that he is sick of...

(The entire section is 563 words.)