Emma Chapters 37-39 Questions and Answers

Jane Austen

Chapters 37-39 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Emma’s reaction to the news of Frank Churchill’s return to Highbury?

2. Why is Mr. Weston especially thrilled that the Churchill family is moving closer to Highbury?

3. What fault does Emma find with Mr. Weston?

4. Why does Mrs. Elton demand that Frank Churchill be her partner?

5. What does Emma notice about Frank’s behavior?

6. What does Emma observe about Mr. Knightley?

7. What can be inferred from Mr. Elton’s behavior?

8. Why does Emma say it would be proper for Isabella and John to dance together?

9. Why couldn’t Harriet escape the encroaching gypsies?

10. How did Frank...

(The entire section is 593 words.)