Emma Chapters 34-36 Questions and Answers
by Jane Austen

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Chapters 34-36 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why is Emma relieved Harriet declines her dinner invitation?

2. Why does Emma think Jane will never like her?

3. Why does Jane decline Mrs. Elton’s offer?

4. Why does Emma take Jane’s arm to go into dinner?

5. How does Jane respond to Mrs. Elton’s suggestion that she secure a position with a family of means?

6. How does Mrs. Elton treat Mr. Woodhouse?

7. Why is John Knightley surprised that Mr. Weston would show up so late in the evening?

8. Where is Enscombe?

9. Why does Mr. Weston say that Mrs. Churchill has no claims on arrogance?

10. Why does John Knightley think his boys might be in Emma’s way?

1. Harriet is still embarrassed by the failed attempt at matchmaking with her and Mr. Elton. Any social situation where she might encounter him would be extremely awkward for her. Emma knows this and feels more comfortable herself if Harriet isn’t around.

2. Though she has known Jane from girlhood, Emma has never sought her out. Once Mr. Knightley has noted her failure, Emma resolves to befriend her and to show her greater attention.

3. Jane insists she enjoys her early morning walk and doesn’t want anyone else going to get her letters. She abruptly changes the subject by extolling the virtues of the postal system.

4. Emma has said she wants to be friends with Jane, but what she really wants is to taunt her. She almost says something about the Irish mail, but keeps herself in check.

5. Jane Fairfax does not want a patroness. She insists that any gentleman’s family will suit her, and she doesn’t need to be part of the first circle of society to be happily employed. Mrs. Elton thinks Jane deserves a position with people who would appreciate her beauty and talent, since those in Highbury so obviously do not.

6. Mrs. Elton behaves coquettishly toward Mr. Woodhouse. She calls him her “dear old beau,” flattering him because he has money and power.

7. John Knightley is a stern, practical man who cannot comprehend the motives of a sociable, soft-hearted man like Mr. Weston. He thinks him rather foolish for venturing out on a rainy April evening to drop in on a party when he could...

(The entire section is 571 words.)