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Chapters 3-5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why did everyone who knew Miss Bates respect her?

2. How is Mrs. Goddard’s school regarded?

3. What is Harriet Smith’s background?

4. What convinces Emma that Harriet is worthy of her efforts?

5. How are the Martins connected to Mr. Knightley?

6. What are some assumptions that Emma makes about Mr. Martin?

7. What does Emma think of farmers in general?

8. How does Emma debunk Mr. Martin?

9. What does Mr. Knightley reveal about Emma’s education?

10. Why does Mr. Knightley say he is interested in Emma?

1. Though the daughter of the former vicar of Highbury was neither rich, clever, nor handsome, she was sweet-tempered and interested in everyone’s well-being. She has earned respect.

2. Her boarding school is valued because girls from modest families could go there to improve themselves a little for a reasonable price. It is not an upper crust school.

3. Her parentage is unknown to her and not a source of particular interest, though it is to Emma.

4. Harriet is obviously taken with everything about Hartfield and Emma. This shows Emma that Harriet has good sense and must be developed and encouraged.

5. They rent a farm from him that is located on...

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