Emma Chapters 27-29 Questions and Answers

Jane Austen

Chapters 27-29 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why isn’t Emma satisfied with Harriet’s praise for her musicianship?

2. Why does Frank think he shouldn’t go to the Bates’ house to view the pianoforte?

3. How is Mr. Woodhouse’s name brought into Miss Bates’ monologue?

4. What does Emma notice that alters her opinion of Jane Fairfax?

5. Why does Frank say he wants to hold another ball?

6. What does Emma perceive about Frank’s nature when they are sizing up the rooms at Randalls?

7. How does Frank assure Mr. Woodhouse that no one will catch cold at the Crown Inn?

8. What does Mr. Woodhouse think of Frank?

9. Why does Emma protest calling in...

(The entire section is 512 words.)