Chapters 25-26 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What is Mrs. Weston’s reaction to Frank’s going to London to get his hair cut?

2. What is Mr. Knightley’s reaction?

3. What is Emma’s reaction?

4. Who are the Coles?

5. Why is Emma sorry to have received an invitation to their party?

6. What changes her mind about going?

7. Why is Emma pleased to see Mr. Knightley’s coach in front of her on the road to the Cole house?

8. How does Mrs. Cole evidence good manners?

9. What does Emma discover was the real reason for Mr. Knightley bringing his carriage?

10. Who does Mrs. Weston guess might have sent the pianoforte?

1. Though she says that young people must have “their little whims,” she clearly does not approve.

2. He says it proves that Frank is just the “trifling, silly fellow” he took him for.

3. Emma regards this behavior as an “unfortunate fancy,” and the only blemish on an otherwise spotless impression she has of Frank. But the blemish bothers her.

4. The Coles are a family whose fortunes and style of living are on the rise. Their success bothers Emma because they are not as genteel as she thinks they should be.

5. Emma is determined to turn the Coles down before she is asked. So smug is she about her status, she feels certain that the Woodhouses should have been the first to extend an invitation, not the other way around.

6. When others in their circle received invitations, Emma and her father did not. Mrs. Weston assures her the oversight is meant as a compliment, since the Coles are unworthy of her. Emma is not comforted much.

7. Being a vigorous man without pretense, Mr. Knightley is accustomed to walk nearly everywhere. Emma thinks a carriage suits him because that is how a gentleman like himself ought to travel.

8. Though she rhapsodizes about Jane Fairfax’s musical ability, Mrs. Cole prevails upon Emma to play and sing this evening at their own pianoforte. By asking Emma to play instead of Jane, Mrs. Cole is displaying her most socially correct manners since Emma exceeds Jane Fairfax in gentility, if not in musical talent.

9. Mrs. Weston tells Emma that she suspects it is to take Jane and Miss Bates home since he brought them to the Cole’s this evening.

10. Convinced that she has made a match, Mrs. Weston believes Mr. Knightley sent Jane the present as a token of his affection and admiration for her musicianship.

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