Emma Chapters 22-24 Questions and Answers
by Jane Austen

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Chapters 22-24 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What was Mr. Elton’s attitude upon returning to Highbury?

2. How long after Mr. Elton had been introduced to Augusta Hawkins did he propose?

3. What does Emma think of the intended bride of Mr. Elton?

4. What was contained in the note that Elizabeth Martin wrote to Harriet?

5. Why does Harriet lack the heart for a visit to the Martins?

6. How long does Emma decide Harriet shall stay at the Martin farm?

7. Why does Emma regret the Martin’s rank?

8. How does Frank Churchill go overboard in praising Mrs. Weston?

9. Why does Emma think Mr. Knightley is wrong about Frank Churchill?

10. Why does Frank think Emma’s question about how well he knew Jane Fairfax at Weymouth is an unfair one?

1. Once Mr. Elton had determined to take a wife, he was released from his unrequited feelings for Emma, and he came back gay and self-satisfied. He also dropped his discomfort around young ladies and behaved with confidence.

2. On the rebound from Emma, he began pursuing Miss Hawkins with determined vigor. An hour after they were introduced, he began courting her. Three weeks later, they are engaged.

3. Emma thinks that other than the £30,000 she stands to inherit, Augusta Hawkins is inferior to Harriet. She bases this conclusion on town gossip as she has never met the intended.

4. The note Robert Martin’s sister left at Mrs. Goddard’s was a mixture of gentle reproach, but full of kindness. Clearly, Elizabeth Martin is re-affirming the Martin family’s affection for Harriet.

5. She has just witnessed a trunk labeled with Mr. Elton’s name being shipped to Bath where she knows he is going to be with his new fiancée.

6. Sensing Harriet’s eagerness upon approaching the Martin house, Emma seizes control where she can and so determines the visit shall be no more than fifteen minutes.

7. Emma is beginning to tire of all her...

(The entire section is 485 words.)