Emma Chapters 16-18 Questions and Answers

Jane Austen

Chapters 16-18 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where does Emma give the Knightley brothers credit?

2. How does Emma convince herself not to feel anything for Mr. Elton’s open declaration of love for her?

3. What relapse does Emma suffer immediately after swearing off involvement with Harriet’s romantic life?

4. Why is Emma surprised at the contents of Mr. Elton’s note?

5. What does Emma think her father will say to this obvious omission?

6. How do Harriet’s tears affect Emma?

7. What is Emma’s promise to Harriet?

8. What further increases Emma’s discomfort at having been wrong about Mr. Elton’s affections?

9. Why does Mr. Knightley think...

(The entire section is 458 words.)