Chapters 16-18 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Where does Emma give the Knightley brothers credit?

2. How does Emma convince herself not to feel anything for Mr. Elton’s open declaration of love for her?

3. What relapse does Emma suffer immediately after swearing off involvement with Harriet’s romantic life?

4. Why is Emma surprised at the contents of Mr. Elton’s note?

5. What does Emma think her father will say to this obvious omission?

6. How do Harriet’s tears affect Emma?

7. What is Emma’s promise to Harriet?

8. What further increases Emma’s discomfort at having been wrong about Mr. Elton’s affections?

9. Why does Mr. Knightley think Frank is lying about not being able to leave Enscombe?

10. What does Mr. Knightley think of the letters Frank writes, which are the object of everyone’s interest and admiration in Highbury?

1. Emma is forced to acknowledge that John Knightley first gave her the idea that Mr. Elton might be in love with her, and his brother warned her that Elton would not marry anyone without money. Both brothers saw his true nature better than she.

2. As mistress of Hartfield, Emma stands to inherit £30,000 (roughly $100,000, at that time). This fact convinces her that Mr. Elton is merely a fortune hunter.

3. Though she is sorry to have led Harriet to think Mr. Elton cared for her, she can’t stop matchmaking. She has an idea that another young man might be suitable, but dismisses him because he is a “pert young lawyer” and she couldn’t endure him.

4. Mr. Elton addresses the note to Mr. Woodhouse, and though its tone is one of respectful civility, he doesn’t mention Emma once.

5. She’s sure he will be suspicious, but he doesn’t notice the omission. Believing any journey is unhealthy, he fixes his concern on Elton’s safety.

6. Emma finds Harriet’s open display of grief so natural that, for a moment, she feels Harriet is superior to her in her ability to display her feelings.

7. Emma is too steeped in manners and schemes to reform into a simple, artless person like Harriet. Instead, she vows to Harriet that she will never use her imagination again for the rest of her life.

8. Mr. Elton was a great favorite among the teachers and girls of Mrs. Goddard’s boarding school. Harriet is made too uncomfortable by hearing him praised there. Emma takes her to Hartfield where she can control what is said about him.

9. He says Frank Churchill has been spotted in various watering holes and at Weymouth. That proves he can leave if he chooses.

10. Mr. Knightley gives Frank credit for being able to write a beautiful letter full of lies about how his parents cannot spare him so that he appears blameless for not coming.

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