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Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How had Mr. and Mrs. Churchill acquired a son?

2. How had Mr. Weston acquired Randalls?

3. How had Frank been brought up?

4. Why did the townspeople of Highbury believe a visit from Frank Churchill was imminent?

5. Why had Mrs. Weston formed a very favorable idea of Frank?

6. What is Miss Taylor’s attitude about the separation of her and Emma?

7. What is Mr. Woodhouse’s reaction to the separation?

8. How do the townspeople tease Mr. Woodhouse?

9. Who is Mr. Perry?

10. What character trait of Mr. Woodhouse is apparent from the last two paragraphs of this chapter?

1. Upon Mrs. Churchill’s death, her brother and sister-in-law, having no children of their own, offered to take over Frank Weston’s upbringing. This was the source of a reconciliation of sorts between Mr. Weston and the Churchills.

2. Upon leaving the militia, Mr. Weston took up a trade and saved enough over the next twenty years to purchase a little estate. He thought Randalls was a suitable house for himself and a wife.

3. The Churchills wealth afforded Frank all the privileges of their class.

4. Now that his father had remarried, the townspeople are sure he will do the proper thing and pay his new mother a visit. Their hopes were strengthened when he wrote her a fine letter welcoming her to the family, but has yet to pay her homage in person.

5. Miss Taylor knew she was fortunate in marrying a good man and provider like Mr. Weston. She wanted very much to like this young man whom so many in the town talked of so favorably, though they’d never met him.

6. She knows Emma is a spirited...

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