Emma Chapters 9-11 Summary and Analysis
by Jane Austen

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Chapters 9-11 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Isabella Knightley: Emma’s sister

John Knightley: Emma’s brother-in-law

Emma begins composing riddles while Harriet writes them down. Mr. Elton is asked to come up with one. When he does, it is credited to a “friend” and written to Emma, but she interprets it as being meant for Harriet and congratulates her on her new alliance. Harriet cannot believe a man as popular and well-placed as Mr. Elton wants to marry her, but she takes Emma’s word for it.

Mr. Woodhouse comes in and prattles on about the impending visit from his daughter Isabella and her family just before Mr. Elton pays a call. Before he leaves, Emma picks up the riddle intended for her eyes only and gives it back to him, saying that she had copied it into Harriet’s book because it is too good not to share. Mr. Elton reads it and declares with some hesitation that this is the proudest moment of his life.

Paying a charity call on a poor family, Emma and Harriet run into Mr. Elton the next day. Emma tries to leave them alone to chat, but can’t resist listening in. She is sure Mr. Elton must be making a love declaration to Harriet, but hears only the menu from yesterday’s dinner party. Again she tries to give them time to themselves, but overhears nothing that sounds intimate. She concludes Elton is being cautious.

Emma decides that she will leave Harriet and Mr. Elton to work out their romance by themselves and turns her attentions to her sister’s visit. The families are reunited and make small talk about one another, the Westons and the Churchills. John Knightley inquires if Frank Churchill visited his new stepmother yet. Emma says he is expected soon. Mrs. Knightley...

(The entire section is 454 words.)