Emma Chapters 3-5 Summary and Analysis

Jane Austen

Chapters 3-5 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Mr. Elton: vicar of Highbury and a bachelor

Mrs. and Miss Bates: widow and daughter of the former vicar

Mrs. Goddard: headmistress of a boarding school

Harriet Smith: student of Mrs. Goddard

Mr. Robert Martin: tenant farmer of Abbey Mill

The Woodhouse’s inner circle of friends includes the Westons, Mr. Knightley, and Mr. Elton. The outer circle includes Mrs. and Miss Bates and Mrs. Goddard. Miss Bates is a spinster occupied with the care of her elderly mother. Mrs. Goddard is a motherly woman who, like the others, would gladly leave the comfort of her home to spend an evening at the Woodhouse’s gossiping, playing cards,...

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