Emma Chapters 22-24 Summary and Analysis

Jane Austen

Chapters 22-24 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Augusta Hawkins: Mr. Elton’s fiancée

Frank Churchill: Mr. Weston’s son and Mrs. Weston’s stepson

Miss Augusta Hawkins, the intended bride of Mr. Elton, is the focus of Highbury gossip. Townspeople learn that she has money and beauty and feel her well-suited to be the wife of their vicar. Emma cannot hear about either of them without feeling a pain. She considers their coupling a lesson in humility for her and turns her attentions to Harriet.

Though Emma has talked Harriet into being in love, she is having difficulty talking her out of it. The chance encounter with the Martin family and Mr. Elton’s engagement have put Harriet into a flurry...

(The entire section is 729 words.)