Emma Chapters 19-21 Summary and Analysis

Jane Austen

Chapters 19-21 Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Jane Fairfax: niece of Mrs. Bates; cousin of Miss Bates

In an attempt to divert Harriet’s attention away from Mr. Elton, Emma calls on Mrs. and Miss Bates. They have just received a letter from their niece, Jane Fairfax. Emma attempts to coax Miss Bates into talking about the letter so she won’t have to actually hear it read. She learns that Jane Fairfax is coming to the house for a visit instead of going to Ireland with her adoptive parents.

Emma is curious about why Jane should come to Highbury instead of Ireland, but Miss Bates offers only bland assurance that Jane wants to visit. By the time Miss Bates gets around to actually reading the letter, Emma...

(The entire section is 558 words.)