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Chapter 2 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Mr. Weston: husband of Emma’s former governess

Mrs. Weston: Emma’s former governess

Mr. and Mrs. Churchill: brother and wife of Mr. Weston’s first wife

Frank Churchill: son of Mr. Weston

Mr. Perry: local apothecary, also serving as Mr. Woodhouse’s doctor

We are given the backgrounds of five new characters. Mr. Weston, formerly Captain Weston of the militia, first married into the prominent Churchill family and was scorned by his wife’s brother and the controlling Mrs. Churchill, who thought him beneath their social class and disinherited their sister. The Westons had a son, Frank, and he was brought up by the Churchills after Mrs. Weston died and given their name. Though he had never set foot in Highbury, the townspeople regard him as a celebrity. Currently, the Woodhouses are dealing with the fact that their beloved Miss Taylor is married and gone. Emma cherishes her with fond memories. Mr. Woodhouse remains convinced the marriage is a pity. He had even tried to prevent the...

(The entire section is 339 words.)