Historical Context

Britain in the Late Victorian Era
In 1885, Britain was entering the final quarter of the Victorian Era (1837–1901). In that...

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Literary Style

Satire is the use of wit and humor to ridicule or show scorn of a subject. Strachey’s satire in Eminent...

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Bibliography and Further Reading

Altick, Richard D., ‘‘Eminent Victorianism: What Lytton Strachey Hath Wrought,’’ in American Scholar,...

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(Critical Survey of Literature for Students)

Further Reading

Altick, Richard. “Eminent Victorianism: What Lytton Strachey Hath Wrought.” American Scholar 64, no. 1 (Winter, 1995): 81-89. Argues that Strachey’s aim in Eminent Victorians was explicitly literary. Because he took such liberties with historical fact, it is Strachey’s method that came to be discredited, rather than the Victorian ethos he attempted to subvert.

_______. “The Stracheyan Revolution.” In Lives and Letters: A History of Literary Biography in England and America. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1966. An excellent summary of the pivotal role of Eminent...

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Compare and Contrast

1800s: Britain’s Industrial Revolution leads the world, and the British Empire continues to expand. More than a quarter of the...

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Topics for Further Study

Mark Twain wrote, ‘‘Biography is the clothes and buttons of the man, but the real biography of a man is lived in his head twenty-four...

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What Do I Read Next?

Strachey’s Queen Victoria (1921) is not as satirical as Eminent Victorians, although there is much humor and comedy in the...

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