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Emily Dickinson

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What is Emily Dickinson saying in her poem "Before you thought of spring"?

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One of the messages in the poem "Before You Thought Of Spring" by Emily Dickinson is that joy is an emotion that doesn't need an audience - it can be expressed for the sake of delight itself, and for no more reason that doing so is fun and rewarding. In many ways, the author presents a poem that is reminiscent of English poet Thomas Hardy's poem "The Darkling Thrush." In the latter poem, the poet shares how a bird breaks the gloomy depression of a pessimistic winter atmosphere to break into song for joy. In Emily Dickinson's poem, a bird is also suggested ("a fellow in the skies" or hues of "indigo and brown" or "he goes to some superior tree.") The bird "shouts for joy to nobody But his seraphic self" like an angel.

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