Emanuel Swedenborg Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))


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Fourth revised edition of the semi-official New Church intellectual biography of Swedenborg.


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Argues that Swedenborg's visionary experiences can be interpreted as an instance of neuropsychological symptomatology—a physical anomaly in his brain, or brain damage—under the influence of a powerful intellect.

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Examines William Blake's poem The Book of Thel in light of Swedenborg's theology.

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Explores the influence of Swedenborg on three eighteenth-century religious thinkers—Jacob Duché, Charles Rainsford, and Ralph Mather—all of whom longed for spiritual enlightenment and believed they found it in Swedenborg's writings.

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Presents a profile of the typical cult and its methods, considers why the New Church set up by Swedenborg's followers has been regarded by some as a cult, and discusses how Swedenborg's view of evil—as the failure to compel oneself to meet the requirement of being human—is different from that of many other religious thinkers.

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Traces the reception of Swedenborg's work in France, noting his influence on literary figures and comparing his ideas with philosophers and theorists.