Elvis Costello Pete Silverton - Essay

Pete Silverton

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Right now, commenting on Costello or the Clash, you're not talking about just another artist, you're confronting rock'n'roll as a whole form as it stands now. They're both state-of-the-art, the living embodiments of more than a score of years and the linchpins of most probable futures. Who else is there?….

[The] Clash are real easy to write about. All that dynamite copy but genuine (if sometimes slightly forced) rude boy chic. Piece of cake.

But Costello, he's so, so tricky….

[Like] most others, I can't help but be drawn like a voyeuristic moth to the panache of the Costello Blut und Eisen [That's "blood and iron," folks—Ed.] assault on the...

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