Elizabeth Swados Michael Feingold - Essay

Michael Feingold

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Dispatches doesn't have any dramatic continuity; it is another Swados nightclub cantata, a setting of disconnected passages from Michael Herr's book of war reportage. Herr's main interest is what Vietnam did to one's consciousness, his own as much as the soldiers'. At one point he equates the moral upheavals caused by the war with the social upheavals going on back home, and refers to a "rock-and-roll war." This dubious phrase is the one that has misled Ms. Swados. Her war is staged as a rock concert…. It is not the silliest damn thing I've ever seen in my life (close, though), but it is certainly the most frustrating waste of a major opportunity….

[The net effect of Swados's]...

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