Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Elizabeth Jolley’s literary reputation is based mostly on her novels and short stories, although it is quite possible that more people have heard her radio plays than have extensively read her other works. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation estimated that up to fifty thousand people were listening each time they aired her plays.

Her novels include Palomino (1980), Mr. Scobie’s Riddle (1983), Milk and Honey (1984), The Well (1986), The Sugar Mother (1988), My Father’s Moon (1989), Cabin Fever (1990), The Orchard Thieves (1995), Lovesong (1997), An Accommodating Spouse (1999), and An Innocent Gentleman (2001). The Well was adapted to a full-length radio play and also made into a film (2000).

Short stories, many published in journals, appear in the collections Five Acre Virgin and Other Stories (1976), The Travelling Entertainer and Other Stories (1979), Woman in a Lampshade (1983), Stories (1984), and Fellow Passengers: Collected Stories (1997). “Woman in a Lampshade” appeared as a short story and as a radio drama, and the Australian Broadcasting Commission also dramatized it for television.