Elizabeth the Great Topics for Further Study
by Elizabeth Jenkins

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Topics for Further Study

(Nonfiction Classics for Students)

During Elizabeth’s lifetime, members of the royal family in both England and Scotland exerted a significant influence on the course of her life and reign. Choose one of the following figures to learn more about: King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, King Edward VI of England, Queen Mary I of England, Mary Queen of Scots, or King James VI of Scotland (who later became King James I of England). Provide information about the life and political career of this figure. What major political struggles did this figure encounter? What personal struggles did he or she encounter? What are the highlights of this figure’s life and political career?

The Elizabethan Era is considered one of the highpoints in the history of English literature. Learn more about one of the following major writers of the Elizabethan Era: William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser, Christopher Marlowe, Sir Philip Sidney, Richard Hooker, or Ben Jonson. Provide a biography of this writer. What are the major works of this writer? Describe key elements of this writer’s style. What major themes and concerns did this writer explore and express in his writings?

A significant factor in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I was that she was a woman ruling a nation in a time when women were not considered suitable for political power. Learn more about the status of women (other than the queen) during the Elizabethan Era. In what ways were the lives of working women different from the lives of aristocratic women? What restrictions were placed on the lives of women and what was expected of women? One way to approach this assignment would be to write a fictional biography of a poor, peasant, or working-class woman during...

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