Elizabeth George Biography


(Masterpieces of Fiction, Detective and Mystery Edition)

Elizabeth George was born Susan Elizabeth George in Warren, Ohio, and grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. Later, she lived in Orange County in Southern California. While a college student, she met and married Ira Toibin in 1971. Divorced after twenty-four years, she later married Tom McCabe, a retired firefighter. After tiring of the increasing population density in California, they built a home on Whidbey Island, Washington. George has no children.

In preparation for each book, George spends a considerable amount of time in England. She prides herself on getting details right, yet points out that it is not possible to avoid some mistakes. Even though the writing of each novel generally takes about ten months, she estimates that from conception to publication generally takes about two and one half years.

As with most writers, George loved reading from a very early age, although she was not drawn to mysteries until she discovered English mystery novels. Her parents’ enjoyment of literature led her to begin writing short stories at the age of seven. Impressed by her daughter’s dedication, George’s mother gave her a 1930’s typewriter. While in high school, George first attempted writing a novel.

All of George’s education took place in California, from St. Joseph’s Grammar School in Silicon Valley to her first college years at Foothill Community College, followed by graduation from the University of California,...

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