Eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman is the first freeborn child in Buxton, Canada, a settlement established for former slaves just over the Michigan border in 1849. Elijah can "chunk rocks" with such accuracy that he catches fish by taking aim and hitting them on the head with stones. As Elijah is returning home with ten fish he has caught, he runs into the Preacher, who convinces him that he should tithe a tenth of his riches to him, as the servant of the Lord. Elijah is confused about the Preacher; he knows he is manipulative, but cannot quite accept that the supposedly holy man is completely hypocritical and self-serving.

Elijah recalls a time when he had flippantly used the word "nigger" in front of a neighbor, Mr. Leroy. Mr. Leroy had immediately slapped him hard and shown him a brand on the skin on his chest, raging about how, when he was a slave, his baby girl was sold away and his wife given to another man for his own. All the time Mr. Leroy and his family had lived in slavery, they had been called "nigger," and he is appalled that Elijah should be so ignorant as to "(keep) they hate alive." Elijah knows that the lesson he learned from Mr. Leroy is the same as one Mr. Travis, his teacher, has tried to teach in class, but it is the experience with Mr. Leroy which impresses upon him the full impact of his thoughtless use of a word that "ain't never called with nothing but hate."

The carnival comes to town, but the conscientious parents of Buxton, recognizing its unsavory nature, forbid their children to go. The Preacher, however, hoping to exploit Elijah's rock-chunking talent, convinces him to defy his parents and accompany him to the event, where they see Madame Sabbar, a woman who has an amazing ability with a slingshot. The Preacher arranges a meeting with the carnival owner, introducing Elijah as Ahbo, a rock-chunking boy raised in Africa. As he goes to Madame Sabbar's tent for a showdown, Elijah meets MaWee, a little black urchin who is shamelessly depicted as a pickaninny, vanquished by the slingshot artist in the show. Elijah demonstrates his skill versus that of Madame Sabbar's in a contest and beats her handily. The Preacher tries to negotiate a deal whereby he and Elijah will be paid to travel with the carnival, but the owner wants to buy Elijah outright. Uncharacteristically, this blatant attempt at human trafficking offends even the usually unscrupulous Preacher, and he and Elijah make a quick exit from the carnival. The Preacher later returns to the carnival and secures MaWee's release from bondage at gunpoint.

Newly escaped slaves arrive in Buxton, traumatized by the experiences of their pasts. They are welcomed into the settlement, and the Liberty Bell is...

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